Ferrets running Agility Courses, Jumps, Tunnels, Teeter Totters, Tire Jumps, even Weave Polls! All done on Ferret Sized Agility Equipment.

Ferrets, like so many other species of animals, can and are enjoying Agility Courses just as Dogs do. Ferrets of course will need Agility Equipment that is the right size for their bodies. Many will need to be on a harness and leash, several, like ratties, will take to the Tunnels like a duck to water. In fact training the Ferret to come out of the Tunnels is where the training emphasis will be. The trainer who has a good sense of humor will have a blast training their Ferret to an Agility Tunnel. Many Ferret owners will be surprised at how easily it is to train a Ferret on Agility Equipment.

Please visit our other pages for more information on learning to train your Ferret to enjoy an Agility Course....and you are going to want to show them off to everyone you know once your pet gets going on the course.


You might hear of a FERRET AGILITY TRIALS event in your area only to find they do not have Agility Courses for Ferrets. The well known and loved Ferret Olympic Club's were taken by surprise when in 2005 US Olympic Committee threatened to sue in Eugene, OR. So the name was changed to Ferret Agility Trials. Most events that are put on by this name have a Tube Race, Weight Pull, Paper Bag, and Digging Contests for pet Ferrets. The Ferrets? They don't care what you call the event, just get them there on time.


-- The Ferret Agility Team

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