Getting Started

Starting your Ferret with "make shift" safe Agility Equipment from around your home.

"Make Shift Agility Equipment" are items you might already own, that may or may not need to be "tweaked" that can be safety used as items your Ferret can manipulate on a little Agility Course. It might be two small buckets turned upside down with a broom handle across them for a Bar Jump. It might be a small wheel barrel tire set up on it's ends tightly held between two trees for the Ferret to jump through. You get the idea, "stuff" you have sitting around that, without too much work, can become safe and fun items for your Ferret to experience it's first Agility Equipment and for the Ferret to learn how to manipulate each piece.


There are so many items you could use for an Open Tunnel for a Ferret. You do not want the Tunnel too long. The idea is to teach the Ferret to come out of the Tunnel, to come though the Tunnel, not to play inside the tunnel. Start with an empty Oatmeal Box with the bottom cut out. You want a short Tunnel so that you can use your hands to move the Ferret through. Praising the Ferret and offering it a treat on the out side of the not give the Treat, however, until the Ferret is all the way through the Tunnel. What you want to teach is to come through, come back out, of the Tunnel.






Weave Polls for a Ferret could be as simple as five Wooden Dowels stuck into the ground approx. 18" apart. We painted the ones we had so that they would not only last longer, they are yellow, and easily seen.


A Pause Table is an easy item to find in any home. A short stable stool that is long enough to hold the entire body of the Ferret, a 30 gallon barrel or trash can that has been cut down to approx. 10" in height. A child's table with the legs trimmed down. Or even a stable cardboard box - you might want to cram a blanket or something in it to give it more stability for the weight of the Ferret.

So much more to come. The contents of this page for Getting Started is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Ferret Agility Team

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