Setting Up The Course

Your Ferret counts on you to keep it's activities safe. Don't let your pet down.

Depending on where and what type of event your are setting up for, you will have to decide on fencing, flat areas without rocks, carpet or not if held indoors, how many pieces of Agility Equipment to set up on your course, who can be in the fenced area and who can not. There is much to think about.

The Fence

It is a good idea to have a fence around the area you are working your Ferret in. Even indoors a fenced area is a good idea to keep the Ferret with you in the area and keep it focused on the Agility Equipment enclosed. This enclosure is not a 6' high 50' x 50' fence. Just some sort of fencing that will contain the Ferret(s) in the area and keep them focused in the area where you are working. A small fenced in area, what is marketed as a "puppy pen", a bit of chicken wire, something along those lines. Even if your yard/garden has a nice chain link fence all the way around it you might want a small area enclosed for working your Ferret.

more to come

How Many Pieces Of Agility Equipment To Set Up

What are you setting up for? An Event? A Practice Day with friends and their Ferrets? Are you setting up just to play and train your own Ferret?

If you are setting up for your own Ferret in your own backyard you will not need all the equipment of spacing as you would for a competition. The number of Agility Equipment Pieces would also reflect the event you are setting up for.

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The Order Of The Course

Is there a set order of the course for the Ferret Agility Equipment? No. But things you might want to keep in mind. You want the Ferret to want to explore/maneuver the course. You want it to do so quickly. So starting with the Tunnel might now be the best strategy. Having a shorter Closed Tunnel at the end of the course might help to encourage the Ferret to move out on the rest of the jumps and bridges and such.

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The Indoor Flooring

If you are setting up for an indoor event you will need some sort of flooring down unless of course the flooring is rough or textured concrete. But even on rough concrete you need to make sure that the Agility Pieces do not move as the Ferret maneuvers each piece. A fabric/oil cloth tarp might work well on some floors, but a slick plastic tarp will only worsen the footing for the people and animals as well as allow the Agility Pieces to slide.

If the floor is carpeted you will only need additional flooring if you are trying to keep the carpet clean and fresh.

more to come

An Area For The Ferrets Not On The Course

If you are at or hosting a Ferret event, training, play day, competition, ect. you will need an area away from the Agility Course for the Ferrets that are not being worked. An area for folks to set up their crates, pens. A designated area for folks with Ferrets on leashes so that the working Ferret is not distracted.

more to come

Much more to come. The contents of this page for Setting Up The Course is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Ferret Agility Team

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