Ferret Crafts


Ferrets love Tunnels and Toys and making items for your pet can be as much fun for you as it is for the animals to play with them. If you have a craft, with photos, that you have made for your ferret, we would love to share it here. Please send your ideas, with close up photos of the items, to www.marna@ferretagility.com with FERRET CRAFT in the Subject Line. We would love to also have a photo of your Ferret with the item.

A Ferret can not have too many toys or sweaters. Even if you see something here already "covered" and you have a similar item, please submit your ideas. This will also give the crafters looking here a choice of items.

This site is new (as of March 23, 2011) so check back often. We hope to be adding fun crafts and ideas very soon. Also, we hope that we will add items often so please check back often.


Open Tunnel for Guinea Pig or Ferret

This craft item was the creation of and was submitted by: Marna Kazmaier

This is an easy to make/crochet Open Tunnel. You might use a chosen color new from the store, or use up all those little balls of yarn that have been sitting around waiting for a craft to come up for use.

Using an I size Crochet Hook chain 55. If you have a larger Ferret, chain more. Loop/link together at the ends making sure your chain in straight. Crochet a 1 1/2 stitch in each of the chain links. You want these stitches taught/tight s that when the Open Tunnel is set up on the table, it will have "body" to it and stand open. Hook or loop the two ends together again, then just keep crocheting 1 1/2 stitches round and round for a few hours until the Tunnel is approx. 15" or longer in length. Your last two stitches will be a regular stitch followed by and lastly a slip stitch. After you knot your end weave the end short piece of yarn into the tunnel hiding the yard.

You could also make this same Open Tunnel another way. Crochet a chain as long as you would like for the Tunnel to be. Crochet a 1 1/2 stitch in each chain. Crochet the piece to the size you would like the Tunnel to be around. I would suggest approx 18" - 27". Fold over and stitch each side together with a slip stitch.

If you are making your Ferrets first Open Tunnel make it shorter so that you can teach the Ferret to come through. If your Ferret is already coming through an Open Tunnel you might want to make the Open Tunnel a bit longer. You can also make the shorter Tunnel longer after training by Looping on and continuing the Tunnel's length.

This will make an Open Tunnel for your Ferret that you can set open on the table or floor for the Ferret to come through. The Crocheted Open Tunnel will be machine washable, set out to air dry. You will be able to fold this open Tunnel for storage.


Ferret or Guinea Pig Closed Tunnel

This craft item was the creation of and was submitted by: Marna Kazmaier

As is the Crocheted Open Tunnel, this is easy to make, but takes a several hours to complete. When finished this Closed Tunnel will be machine or hand washable, air dry. You may use a chosen color of yard new from the store, or grab all those little left over balls of yarn and create a fun colored Closed Tunnel for your Ferret.

Using an I size Crochet Hook, chain 65. Chain 75 to 80 for a larger Ferret. Loop or link the two ends together. Crochet a 1 1/2 stitch in each link looping/linking them at the end. From there, do rounds of taught stitches for about 3 1/2" to 6". This end will remain open for the Ferret to go through. You want the stitches taught so that the area will be stiffer to form the open circle.

Chain two and continue the round and round but now using a Double Stitch adding a stitch to the Tunnel every so often (preferably every 35 - 40 stitches) until the Closed Tunnel is approx. 20" long. These double stitches do not need to be made as taught as the first 1 1/2 stitches were, these will form your Closed end of the Tunnel. Your last three stitches will be a first a 1 1/2 stitch, then a regular stitch, followed by and lastly a slip stitch. Then tie off and pull a short amount of yard from the knot into the weave hiding the end piece.

The Turquoise Closed Tunnel you see here in the photo was made with triple stitches in the closed end. I did do rounds on this one, one round, then tie into the same row, then chain three and start another row. To tie you would do this as any project you crocheted. I have to add that is laid straight, Open End up, it looks to me like a little girl's dress. <grin>

You may want to make this Closed Tunnel longer or shorter. You may make it shorter to start training and add length as the Ferret learns to come through it.


This craft item was the creation of and was submitted by: Marna Kazmaier

Fleece Pom Pom Ferret Toy Free Craft Fleece Cut for Ferret Toy Free Pattern Pom Pom Wrapped Cardboard for Free Patten Ferret Toy Finished Pom Pom Free Pattern Ferret Toy

This little craft is so easy and takes only a couple of minutes. You will need about 4" of polar fleece that is approx 40" long (or thereabouts). Cut the polar fleeces into 1/2" strips, the full length of the fabric. You will also need a small piece of cardboard that is one half of the size of the circumference of the Pom Pom you want to make. Any size you choose. Cut about 10" of fabric off on of your strips. Use this longways on your cardboard for your tie off. Set your ends of the fabric strips you just cut together and wrap around the cardboard. Start with the end of your strips at the bottom (opposite the end where you have laid your tie off) and wrap until all the fabric is wrapped around the cardboard. Now tie off the top. Pull the knot as tight as you possibly can. Tie in a good tight knot. While still on the cardboard, cut the bottom of each strip, cut all the wrapped pieces. It will cut them off the cardboard and you are ready to wrap another. If you have any strips that are longer then others on your Pom Pom, trim to size.

These can also be made up in two or more colors. Think school colors. The Pom Poms also make great gifts to a friend's ferret for holiday. Red and Green for Christmas, Pastels for and Easter gift, Black and Orange for Halloween, Orange and Red for Thanksgiving, you get the idea. These color toys would be cute in your own home for your own Ferret too.

This is not a toy that you should leave alone with your Ferret. It could, might, pull a strip of the Pom Pom out and chew it or choke.

photos coming very soon


This craft item was the creation of and was submitted by: Marna Kazmaier

The Cuff of the Ferret Sweater Adding the Body of the Ferret Sweater Hand Crafted Ferret Sweater

This little sweater will only take an hour or so. I used an H hook and Mexican Rainbow colored variegated medium weight yarn.

Chain 7
Make a cuff by single stitching into the front one piece of yarn in each stitch. Chain one and continue this for approx. 7". Slip stitch your two ends together and turn inside out. If you turn your sweater and the yarn is coming up from under the neck cuff, turn the cuff back to the original position and flip the other direction.

Slip stitch four stitches away from the middle of the cuff (where the seam is.
Chain one and do a 1 1/2 stitch all around until the last eight. You will be four stitches from the seam of the cuff.
Chain one and turn, you will put in an additional 6 rows of this length.
On the 7th row when you get to the end of the sweater body, chain 25 (this will be your belly band.
For the next five rows you will be making your belly band as you add to the sweater.
The next two rows will end equal to the front of the sweater before the belly band was added.
Decrease a stitch in either end of the next to rows.
Decrease twice end each end of the next three rows
Tie off and tuck extra yarn
Add a button on the outside of the belly band so that when buttoned the band tucks under the sweater against the Ferret's body. The button will add adaptability to the sweater.
Put on your little pet and enjoy....be sure to get a photo!

Your new sweater is of course machine or hand washable. I hang mine to dry.

We sell these sweaters in our on line store.


This craft item was the creation of and was submitted by: Marna Kazmaier

Ferret Bandanna Craft Folded Bandanna to cut Ferret Bandanna Cut Out Ferret Bandanna Fray Check

You will need a very small piece of fabric for this little craft. The Fabric should be about 12" by 4". You will also need "Fray Check". After you cut your piece of fabric into the size you need for your Ferret's Neck, fold it in half, long ways. Make a cut, starting at the folded end, and headed up toward the top of the opposite side. This cuts the Bandanna into the V shape. Lay out your now cut Bandanna on a piece of clean newspaper, probably three sheets thick. Put Fray Check all the way around the Bandanna on each side and let set for 24 hours. After waiting for the Fray Check to dry, it is ready to wear. Your Ferret's new Bandanna is hand or machine washable (depending on the fabric you chose to use) hang or lay flat to dry.


Recycle, Upcycle, Reuse, Be Green. Today's Buzz Words. The truth is, most crafters have always done these things. How can you create green crafts for your Ferret? Buy your yarn for knitting and crocheting sweaters, tunnels, beds, hammocks and toys at Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, ext. Make fabric toys, hammocks, tubs and such out of used clothing. Maybe some from your own closet. I also look at baby toys that are being sold at the above for my pets. Once I went to this Garage Sale, they had alllll these baby squeaky toys. They were asking like .25 each. So I stood and gave each on one a squeeze to try them. Perfect condition! I bought them all. I felt sorry for the sellers Golden Retriever that would have loved to play with them.....the people only saw them as baby toys...as I walked away with a bag full of what were to become dog toys.


This craft item was the creation of and was submitted by: Marna Kazmaier



You might be surprised to find all sorts of items that can be used for your Ferret that could be considered to be GREEN. You might find a used cage or feed bowls, harnesses, leashes, toys and more at Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, Flea Markets and other places.

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